Entry: Hugs & Group Hugs Graphics Friday, March 07, 2008

Hugs are custom made by request and just 'cuz I want to.  =^D

Melly's Custom Hug
Melly & Friday Hug
Friday Deirdre Candy Anjelle Hug             Friday Deirdre Candy Anjelle Hug

Friday, Candy, Deirdre Anjelle Hug
Deirdre <3 Sinja Sample of hug on dark background

The hug on the dark background was a little trickly. Not many pixels to work with. The one on the dark background above is just a screenshot of what it would look like. The top one is the transparent one. If you want changes, let me know.<

Credit not mandatory but is always appreciated.  Any Gratis Graphic button or text credit linked back to this page would be appreciated. Below is a special Hugs credit button.  Thanks -- Friday XOXO


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